I have always wanted to blog, in fact, I did use to blog! My old blog, which I created in 2010, Everythinganastacia.blogspot.com is still up, but I have not updated it in years! It was another creative outlet of mine when I had my flower shop where I shared my “before and after” projects, my baking, my jewelry making, my greeting cards, rubber stamping and scrapbooking pages and everything else!

As some of you know, I am a multi passionate and creative person. I love creating and making things pretty. I used to go on weekly yard sale hunts and did make over projects with the things I found, then sold it at my flower shop and/or at my Etsy shop. Yes, I have an Etsy shop, too, under Everything Anastacia. Why Anastacia, you ask? Well, because my full name is Reina Maria Anastacia Evangelista Sumabat. Yeah, too long, I know. So, just like everyone, just call me Reina!

Welcome to my new blog!