For more than 2 decades now, ¬†Carlsbad, California, has been welcoming visitors to a beautiful, magical place, where every spring time, over 50 acres of coastal farmland becomes a hillside rainbow, created by millions of ranunculus! What an alluring sight it is! Locals and tourists alike, people of all ages, in small groups of family members or friends, or large party of clubs and associations, the field of these gorgeous flowers are just a crowd pleaser. It is an experience to be in the field, getting a close up view and feel of these beautiful flowers in full bloom! For my husband, Ferdinand, and I, who’s been florists for 25 years (and counting), it was quite a different experience to be where the flowers are grown, and harvested. It really was an experience to remember, as we enjoyed God’s creation of beauty and nature. ( Photos #3,4,5&6 were from the 2015 Official souvenir program.)